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Full Time Hobby are not a prolific label at all, but then that's probably because they take pride in the acts that they do choose to work with. This new compilation celebrates those special acts and showcases from their most recent records, thus being a perfect introduction to bands like Tunng, School of Seven Bells and Fujiya & Miyagi.

Starting off with a track taken from Erland & The Carnival's debut album is a great introduction to the more folky sounds usually associated with the label. A clatter of percussion, some jaunty guitar-work and rousing vocals make 'My Name Is Carnival' a suitably brilliant start. Next up is 'Babelonia', one of the better tracks from an otherwise disappointing sophomore album from School of Seven Bells and displaying the more electronic side to some of Full Time Hobby's acts. Later on Tunng make an appearance with 'It Breaks' taken from their current album And Then We Saw Land. Becky Jacobs vocals are sweet and gentle, mixing with synths, piano and almost tribal sounding drums, demonstrating why they are one of the most popular bands on the label.

Former Arab Strap member, Malcolm Middleton makes an appearance with 'Carry' taken from last years Waxing Gibbous. His distinctly Scottish tones, and sometimes spoken-word vocal style on this track give this a introspective and very personal feel to his simple acoustic-driven folk. The last track on the album couldn't be more different than what's come before though. White Denim's psychedelic-tinged garage-rock bringing preceedings to a noisy close. While there's nothing unreleased or rare on this record, if you aren't familiar with any of the acts it is a great way to get yourself aquainted with a brilliant and consistently great record label.



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