MelonHeadMan - The Good & The Bad

If album titles were subject to the Trades Description Act, then MelonHeadMan's debut album would have to renamed to The OK & The Bland for just as there's nothing so bad as to make your ears bleed at the mere mention of it, similarly there's nothing that will excite you enough to warrant further listens. It's perhaps because of their influences lying solely in classic rock such as ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd that nothing on the album sounds like something new and, in truth, we've heard it done before and to a much higher standard by those same acts. The band are far from incompetent as there are some acceptable tracks on The Good & The Bad including the title track and 'Devil's Daughter' which you can easily imagine being played at a Hootenanny, albeit maybe not Jools Holland's annual one, but too often the music is just too limp and bland to inspire any kind of movement. This is most noticeable in the consistently flat guitar solos littered throughout the album and when you can't even make a guitar solo sound exciting, then you know you're in trouble.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 15:12:09

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