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Yellow Stripe Nine, are an Indie pop Leeds four piece that sound uncannily like the spawn of XTC. The band have got that quirky, quintessential oddball sense to their music that XTC have made a good career out of. On 'More', the singer Peter Bott, sings half spokenly about the problems of living in the rat-race and how he wants ‘More’, which many people can probably identify with.

Musically, ‘More’ has hook laden guitars from all angles coming across at you when you listen, with a lovely little revolving guitar riff rounding off the song by providing the main hook in the chorus. The vocals are quite different and distinctive and convey the lyrics well to the listener. It’s a nicely constructed and well-produced song.

The second song ‘The Boy Who Desperately Wanted To Be Struck By Lightning’, has the same melodic feel to it as 'More' does, but with a shifting tempo accompanied by some excellent musicianship from the rest of the band. This is proper song writing that follows the verse, chorus, verse model with not much in the way of experimentation, but this works in their favour, judging by the quality of the two songs on this single.

The CD also comes with the ‘More’ music video, which gives some added value to the package. Yellow Stripe Nine stand out from the norm as a band, as they're not following current music trends and genres, opting instead, to make their own individual brand of catchy pop. Another plus is that their name doesn’t start with, ‘The’, which is quite refreshing.



out of 10

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