My Education - Sunrise

Epic, instrumental post-rock such as the type created by My Education here, is often described as the 'soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist'. However Sunrise here is in fact the soundtrack to a film that does exist, that film being the 1927 silent film by F.W. Murnau's 'Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans'. Having not seen that film, I can't effectively say whether this record is sucessful in conveying the mood of that piece of cinema, but it can most certainly be said that My Education have created an intriguing and ever-evolving album. Strings are a core part of their sound, but there's also intricate guitar lines, fuzzy drones and driving percussion to keep the listener enraptured. Everything is carefully thought out and cleverly orchestrated too, each instrument obviously there to create a certain feeling. The prospect of a forthcoming remix album featuring bands such as Pelican and Red Sparowes could be very interesting indeed.



out of 10

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