Marvin B. Naylor - The Last Flight of Billy Balloon

So many words come to mind when listening to Marvin B. Naylor's The Last Flight Of Billy Balloon: whimsical, child-like, eccentric, quirky. Also, meandering, pretentious, cheesy and monotonous. Inspired by psychedelic songsmiths such as Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Scott Walker, Naylor attempts to craft his own whimsical (there's that word again!) tapestry of colourful songs. The end result sounds more like those 1970s musicals like Oliver and Willie Wonka And the Chocolate Factory but sans the dancing cockney ragamuffins and Oompa Loompas. Songs like the truly bizarre 'Beautiful Balloon' (which is about a balloon, that is beautiful), and 'Dulcibella Play' go on and on and on over a relentless acoustic guitar and Naylor's rather diffident vocals. The Last Flight ... is definitely a brave record, and no doubt a labour of love. But alas, it is also guilty of being just a little dull.



out of 10

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