Interpol - Slow Hands

Slow hands is the first single to come off the eagerly anticipated second album from the New York art-rockers.
The first thing you'll notice about this song is simply that its got a certain polish to it that the first album never put across, its not rough and its not overly smooth... its just about right.
The track opens with a guitar riff Franz Ferdinand would be proud of, slowly creeping in the drums and bass to the first verse of the track. This carries on until you reach the haunting line "This is a wasteland now" and it kicks into the rip-rocking chorus of "We spies, we slow hands/" with constant undertones of keyboards behind it giving it an art-rock feel and awfully like (as I said before) Franz Ferdinand. Not thats a bad thing as Paul Banks/Interpol pull it off well due to both the stunning song writing and production of it.
The song is certainly off at a tangent from the first album, preferring a more cheery outlook (just) to the slightly harsh outlook the debut gave off. By all means this isn’t the best track from the album, but its certainly not the worst and it doesn’t even have the best chorus on the album (that accolade goes to Take you on a cruise on both counts, but I can see why Interpol decided this would be a good first single to be released from their second album, purely because its the one that people will hear and think "ooh, that sounds like Interpol/Franz Ferdinand/Joy Division/ad infinitum-current-80s-indie/rock-comeback" and they'll buy it. Simple as.

The B side to this 7" is annoyingly Interpol, purely because it’s a remix. I wish they'd save the Remix's for the CD singles and stop putting them on 7" singles. I’m sure its not just me who wants exclusive vinyl only b-sides to appear!

All in all, a good first single from the usually worrying second album, but the 7" version is sadly let down by an average remix. The single Slow Hands is out tomorrow (13th September) and the album Antics is out on the 27th. Expect a review of the latter closer to the time.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 11:51:37

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