The riff that opens this album up is a terrific little loose, trash-can sleazy beat that sounds like something the Chemical Brothers might have considered a bit too anarchic during their most anarchic period. From there, it just gets better and better. It's a collection of loose beats, riffs, choruses and, above all and most importantly, excellent music all thrown together into a pot, mixed well with love and care and released upon an unsuspecting world. The sheer range of influences is astonishing, you can hear The Beastie Boys and Beck to name but two, but what's more astonishing is the way they've melded it all together to produce something that sounds unique and all they're own.

Opener 'Club Foot' sounds like the Chemical Brothers possessed by the souls of The Fall. It's pure high adrenalin pop, but not as we know it. Pumped up, glorious bass dissolving into a dark, haunting lyric sung (yes, sung!) over a sinister minor change that repeats with a Ennio Morricone western themed chant ('ayyayaaya', you know the sort of thing, don't pretend you don't) punctuating the primordial bass soup at odd intervals. It's intoxicating and as addictive as nicotine. 'Processed Beats' sounds like something Beck would reject for being too funky and cool. Incidentally, that Ennio Morriconne influence returns on the excellent 'Ovary Stripe' which riffs and plays around with the instantly recognisable western themes.

'Reason Is Treason' continues the themes and builds on them over a rigid, tense beat that's like a sonic head rush. It's got a killer chorus and a hard-as-nails beat. The beat loosens up as the song progresses but always returns to it's simple and wonderfully effective hook and chorus. LSF features an almost spoken word melody over a simple beat with subtle swirling keyboards. This is an album with more highs than a bag of superskunk so picking stand out tracks is foolish and it is an actual bona-fide album rather than a collection of singles and some filler. Themes appear throughout and are echoed and played with, it's complex, satisfying and irresistible.

This, like the best music, is impossible to classify - too soulful to be dance, too funked-up to be punk and too punk to be rock so let’s just call it pop and be done with it. Christ, we need things like this - Essential and a strong contender for one of the best albums of the year.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 11:56:42

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