Stonebridge - Can't Get Enough

StoneBridge has been Djing, mixing and producing for the last twenty years, so it's pretty clear he's doing something right. His first gig was his sisters graduation party in 1983 and since then he's DJ'd all over the world and mixed many artists work, like Duran Duran and Robbie Williams. This, however, is his first artist album, and features a wealth of collaborations with the likes of Kenny Thomas, Rita Campbell and Stella. You might well have heard the single, 'Put 'Em High feat. Therese' and a cracking little song it is as well. It's got a thumping beat and a perfect chorus and is loaded with hooks.

If there's a criticism to be made of the album, it's this - it's not quite edgy enough. There's nothing on here that's going to stop you in your tracks and go 'WOW' and you wish he could have perhaps pushed the envelope a little. It's all very nice and warm sounding, probably due to his use of older equipment to record and mix the thing, but it blends into the background a little too often. Of course, at home isn't the perfect environment to listen to this, but in the clubs any of the songs would probably go down a storm. There's a very retro feel to it, and some if might well take you straight back to the eighties, such as on 'Take Me Away feat. Theresa' with it's upbeat keyboards and violin breaks; only you can decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

There are some standout tracks. 'Give A Little feat. Rita Campbell' features a pumping, funked up bassline that you can't help moving to. 'Deeper Love feat. David Gordon' has a brilliant descending riff and some decent breaks. 'Clorophilia (Put A Little Love) feat. Isabel Fructuoso' is a great bit of soft house/pop with a killer beat intro. This is a decent enough album if this is your bag. It's fresh and never dull, but still a little bit samey all the same. It's immaculately produced, the bass and beats will make the dirt jump out of your carpet and every break and fill is clear and crisp.

All in all, a nice, but ultimately undemanding and forgettable album that would probably be most at home being pumped out of someones car.



out of 10

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