The Kinks - You Really Got Me

Forty years! That's how long ago The Kinks' classic single You Really Got Me was released, and listening to it now in 2004 is still an invigorating, arresting experience. Devoid of any polish and still left in its original mono glory, the song lays strong claim to sit amongst the founding fathers of all things punk and certainly all things heavy metal, and yet still carries with it all the motifs of mid-sixties Britpop vernacular.

With its basic, accessible chord structure and ruthless freneticism, it's easy to understand why frontman Ray Davies has long since been appreciated as a pioneer songwriter, especially considering the evolutionary process undertaken by the band in their journey towards such acclaimed works as Village Green Preservation Society. Even better, this anniversary single restores the original b-side It's All Right, along with a dusted down Misty Water. Chances are you will already own You Really Got Me on some compilation or another, so at least this re-release should encourage you to go back and give those precious two minutes of pure rock and roll some more time in your life.



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Last updated: 25/06/2018 18:10:13

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