Aldo Nova (Featuring Jon Bon Jovi) - Blood On The Bricks

When the nineties took over, acclaimed power-rock artists such as Aldo Nova were swept aside in an instant. Misguided teenage angst propelled grunge towards the forefront of the alternative rock scene; whatever was powerful and spectacular in the musical sense was now lo-fi, and certainly very dirty. Aldo Nova, reeling from the lack of success that was offered a decade earlier, launched a last-ditched attempt to combat anachronism with Blood On The Bricks, a fun, power-rock album that generates a shimmering rock sheen.

Oh, and don't forget Jon Bon Jovi, who not only contributes vocals to the majority of tracks on offer, but also had a hand in writing most of the album too. It was payback time for Bon Jovi, who was helping Aldo Nova out on his own self-created label as a thank you to Nova's work on the Young Guns II: Blaze Of Glory soundtrack a year or so earlier. What makes Blood On The Bricks such fun to listen to, is that it actually sounds like a mature Bon Jovi album. Think of it as though the eighties incarnation of Bon Jovi was frozen in time, then had his age accelerated twenty years, and was then dropped in the early nineties. Blood On The Bricks is the album he would make slightly after the defrost. Sure, there are production elements that clearly place this Aldo Nova work firmly in the no-mans-land of rock (somewhere in the late-eighties to early nineties) but there are still enough reasons to seek it out.

Other than Bon Jovi, Blood On The Bricks also allowed room for Grammy award winning producer Randy Jackson to shine on bass, and frequent Bryan Adams collaborator Jim Valance to appear, which confirms the claims that this really is a "super-group" album. As for the songs themselves, the title track stands out, along with the equally frenetic Medicine Man. Compare this to Someday, which suggests a refraining wisdom, and you have a three-dimensional array in which to launch into full-on rock action. Forget the Cobains and the Blacks of this world, you want Aldo Nova with his pal Bon Jovi in your stereo!

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