The Priscillas / Comanechi - Buffalo Bar

Comanechi are, if you've not seen them before, a skuzzy two piece that are capable of launching an assault of sonic goodness that will please your soul no end. That's if you have one, for Comanechi seek to burrow their way into your heart with their honest, raw and emotional noise. For noise is what we're talking about here, they pluck power chords from the air that are then hammered home by Akiko's drums and raw, throaty shout. It's immediate, primal and quite beautiful. Tonight, they play a fairly long set, by their standards, that even includes some new songs. 'Lazy Love' is a new one, with stabbing, jabbering guitar bursts that stutter and explode before settling into a crazy rhythm that's their trademark. It fits perfectly into their set. 'Naked' raises smiles and nods from the crowd, with it's lyrics about washing bodies with toothbrushes. Comanechi manage to bridge a strange line between loveable and brutal. 'My Favorite Shoes' sums them up perfectly; a low down, bass heavy guitar noise punctuated with Akiko's haiku like lyrics about, well, her favorite shoes. You are strongly advised to check this outfit out. They're a noisy, sprawling sonic thing of beauty. They've an EP out at the moment on the Loose Lips label that is highly recommended. It has 'My Favorite Shoes' on it, so you should buy it today.

The Priscillas, by contrast, are structured and perfect. Opening with their Dallas theme intro that lulls you into a false sense of security before they batter you around the head with the opening chords of '(Gonna Rip up Your)Photograph' which will, one day, be a superb single. It's pop and punk all at the same time, with a hook to die for and a superb, grungy guitar backbeat that flips and jerks its way underneath the assault from Mave on drums and Kate on bass. Jen has one of those voices that solid pop gold that hits all the right spots. And, tonight, it just seems to get better and better. 'Zombies In LA' explodes into the set, with it's sci-fi noises and rather clever lyrics that have as much depth as you want them to have - "All my friends are zombies" is a line that might well strike a chord with some. The Priscilla's' strength is knowing just how to strike just the right balance between irony, comedy and glamour; and this would be meaningless if they didn't have the songs to back it up, but they certainly have the songs in abundance. 'Brain Surgery' is notable for Kate's fine scream. It seems like a short set, but that's probably because it was so good. The Priscillas are fine punk pop poseurs one and all; it's nice to see a band put a little bit of effort into the stage show as well. Strutting about in big shoes and even bigger wigs, The Priscillas brought a touch of glamour to the faded sheen of the Buffalo Bar before sending us into the night with smiles as wide as Alexis Carrington's shoulder pads.

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