Tramp Attack - The Eye

Here's a band you cannot fail to have a good time with, and that's something of a promise. Tramp Attack hail from Liverpool but are more likely to have sprung from some dark humor laden patch of late night dope talk - "You know what would be really good? A skiffle/country/rock band, yeah? And we'll call it Tramp Attack!" whoever came up with the idea, rest assured, it is a pure solid gold one. This is one of those bands that somehow manage to seem more like a party than a band and everyone in the audience is invited along.

They cut unassuming figures onstage until they start playing. Utilizing banjo's, double bass and guitars, it's a full on onslaught of slightly degenerate good 'ol boys from Liverpool goodness. Each and every single member is totally into what's going on, giving full-on 100% performances. You'll crack a grin a mile wide at some of the song titles alone. What on earth could '1471' be about? But don't get the idea that this is some sort of 'comedy' band. To be sure, there's comedy here, but it doesn't come from the band. The humor here comes from the banality's and instantly recognizable truth's of life that Tramp Attack, like the best observational humor, have honed in on and highlighted. Quick example, here - imagine the following lyric sung along to a stomping hoedown beat - "Call in sick, call in sick, call in sick 'cos you know you should/Call in sick, call in sick, call in sick and do something good" Recognize that situation? Of course you do.

Tramp Attack have taken the country/rock blueprint and updated it with humour, style and a sense of the absurd. Its addictive and fun. The band are excellent musicians and put vast amounts of effort into the show. Hugely recommended.

Many thanks to Bob Stuart for the use of his pictures, which you can see more of by visiting his site Underexposed which contains more pictures of Zombina and the Skeletones and a wealth of great photos from the likes of The A-Lines, Billy Childish and Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's.

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