Wounded Lion

So a new day dawns and here we are with yet another gang of low budget, off kilter indie pop types from LA. Hopes are certainly not soaring for Wounded Lion but as the needle drops neck hairs stand to attention and we’re sensing greatness, for there’s a ramshackle, manic intensity to opening track ‘Hungry’ which immediately invokes the style and spirit of early Talking Heads. It’s a potentially winning formula which melds 70s powerpop and schlock rock with the ubiquitous lo-fi slackerdom which has somehow become synonymous with credibility in the last decade. The trouble being that it is probably too commercial for the caricature indie geeks and insufficiently glossy to appeal to the mainstream. Notwithstanding this, ‘Creatures In The Cave’ maintains a giddy sense of frantic momentum, but it’s soon apparent that there’s a dearth of ideas under the hood and what could have been a great EP descends into a fug of dorkish mediocrity more suited to a disgruntled goat then a wounded lion.



out of 10
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