Withered Hand - New Gods

Taking into consideration the current musical climate, you might think that there are enough tepid Mumford & Sons-esque rip offs to satiate the market well into the foreseeable future. Step aside Passenger, Nick Mulvey and any other chivalrous - yet appealingly emotionally vulnerable - singer-songwriters baring their souls in the charts at the moment. Scottish acoustic troubador Withered Hand is here to take the stereotype apart, throw the acoustic genre a lifeline and give it a much needed kick up the arse.

Plundering the best parts of the genre, Dan Wilson has got a knack for a catchy melody, accentuated by his distinctive falsetto vocal. Lyrically, he ups his game from 2009's 'Good News', narrating against a soundtrack formulated for impending sunny days. Production-wise it's tight, delivering a warm, fuzzy feeling that could plunge you head first back into that whole 'bloke and his guitar' thing. Standout track 'Not Alone' rounds up proceedings with a breezy swagger and spectacular climax which cements New Gods as a forerunner for our summer playlists. It might only be March, but we hope forWithered Hand's sake, the weather co-operates.



out of 10

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