Wild Beasts - Present Tense

For those new to Wild Beasts, a warning. Some may find the need to let Present Tense grow a bit. For those familiar with the ways these guys work, just dive right in. For this, their fourth album, is a beaut.

While perhaps more user friendly than 2011's Smother, there is still an unsettling quality to the music. Layers of dark moody synths weave together in the background while Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming's remarkable voices cast their particular spell. They recall the angels in Win Wender's Wings of Desire: mysterious, distant, observing the everyday lives of mortals, yet unable to share in their experiences. The single 'Wanderlust' trips in, the harsh electro beats at beautiful odds with Thorpe's distinctive voice ("We feel the things they’ll never feel / We see the things they never see") while the stunning 'Mecca' explores the theme of nascent love. The lush incandescence of 'A Simple Beautiful Truth', the mournful beauty of 'A Dog's Life' - these are songs you can get lost in. Past, present and almost perfect.



out of 10

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