White Belt Yellow Tag - Methods

Featuring Tom Bellamy of the much missed The Cooper Temple Clause hopes are high for White Belt Yellow Tag, despite the rather clumsy name. Initial signs are encouraging as recent single ‘Remains’, which is also the opening track of Methods is an immediate, pounding indie classic which draws heavily upon Doves and the Bunnymen. Standout track is the rousing ‘You’re Not Invincible’ which treads a stylistically similar path to the flag waving exploits of British Sea Power. Herein lies the problem with WBYT, they sound like everyone but themselves; their true identity remains cruelly shrouded beneath layers of falsetto heavy, Coldplay lite lumpen indie for the masses. There’s probably a great band struggling to escape this awful fate but, as yet, they’re a long way from the light; let’s get together again when they’ve written some songs or discovered an identity.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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