Vinny Piana - Beg Me To Forgive

French musician and producer Vinny Piana's debut Beg Me To Forgive is a wining mix of edgy indie angst coupled with with clever eletro beats, all slickly whipped up into a accessible and pretty damn enjoyable album. Piana's monotonous baritone can get a bit grating but the lush music helps to smooth off the rougher edges. Winners are the moody 'Love Is Your Fear' and 'I Need Your Love' which has a cool, dark-poppy feel. The sluggish 'Tonight' holds things up, the piano-centric ballad not suited to Paina's rather diffident vocals, but the lovely 'All I Wanted' with its beautiful electric violin comes to the rescue. All in all this is clever little album with some first-rate tunes and deft production. Not bad, dude.



out of 10

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