Various - Next Stop... Soweto Vol 2: Soul, Funk & Organ Grooves from the Townships 1969-1976

This is a hugely enjoyable compilation of tracks from the predominantly black area of Johannesburg, covering the seven year period immediately preceding the uprising of 1976. The music here is more clear evidence, if any were needed, that the human spirit is not so easily snuffed out in the face of monstrous oppression, with not one track betraying any sense of indignity (unless they do so in the lyrics, which are in a mixture of dialects). Instead, they owe a fair bit to contemporaneous African-American artists, with the vocals and brass lending the songs a flavour that is uniquely African. There's not a duff track here, though, as usual with such things, such a large helping of stuff in the same vein tends to get a bit enervating after a while, and is probably best enjoyed by dipping in and out.



out of 10

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