Various - Eat, Pray, Love soundtrack

Typical musical memento of the Julia Roberts box-office hit about a woman heading east to find herself. The tracklisting is suitably exotic - and therefore something of a mixed bag: Josh Rouse, Sly & The Family Stone, Neil Young alongside a smattering of orchestral and notionally world musics. Most interest will stem from a new Eddie Vedder track, penned especially for this project. 'Better Days' begins as another of his vaguely fireside works, his voice quivering over some yawning harmonium and finger drums, but it picks up some momentum in time. He's a terrible old hippy really but we still love him so. As already noted, a memento of the film if you are so inclined, otherwise it's off to a download store to pick up the one or two tracks you might be interested in.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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