Various - Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009

If your average Hed Kandi compilation is like being sent to bed with a teddy bear, Dark Matter: Multiverse 2004-2009 is like being sent to bed with a porcupine. Multiverse is a Bristol studio known for producing cutting edge electronic music, which these days is mainly a long-winded way of saying dubstep. What this compilation does well is tease out variations within the genre. Thus Pinch & P Dutty's 'War Dub' has a harsh industrial feel, Vex'd's 'Pop Pop' makes it hook from that familiar wah-wah-wah bass and Pinch ft Yolanda's 'Get Up' (RSD remix) finds the intersection with d 'n' b and garage for a slinkier, sexier vibe. It's not all dubstep, however. Moving Ninja's 'Uranium' is a gorgeously sad ambient tune, reminiscent of the 'joins' on Burial's Untrue album, while October's 'Three Drops' is ten marvellous minutes of hiccuping minimal. Those who like their electronic music spiky rather than sweet are sure to find plenty to enjoy.



out of 10
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