Various Artists - Sex And The City 2 OST

It's fair to say that unlike the soundtrack to other blockbusters, there isn't the sense of "Will this do?" with the soundtrack of Sex And The City 2, which had the pull to assemble a handful of exclusive tracks from the likes of Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis and Dido. These exclusives are a bit of a mixed bag. Keys takes on a funked-up version of 'Rapture', mashed with the Sex And The City theme - complete with dreadful new rap with almost mind-bendingly awful results. Dido moves back in a dance direction, with a track that brings to mind her brother's band, Faithless. Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis duet on an inconsequential ballad that gets carried along by the sheer power of their voices. Elsewhere, the "broken down" version of 'Empire State Of Mind' is terrific, even if it doesn't pack the punch of the original. When the Sex & The City girls themselves take to the microphone to take on, inevitably, 'I Am Woman', it just sounds like hen party karaoke, not a singing voice between them. The same can't be said of a trio of tracks from the "Sex and the City Men's Choir" although these sit uncomfortably with the upbeat pop that comprises the rest of the soundtack. To its credit, this could easily have gone down the hen-party favourites route. The results are patchy and uneven, but at least they tried.



out of 10
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