Various Artists - Plumpton Rocks

It was disappointing to discover that this gig didn't come with a bucketload of drugs or slightly wasted art and design students throwing themselves at my bed, but at least my geography is improving. Plumpton Rocks is a man-made lake near the hamlet of Plompton, Yorkshire and no-one really knows where that 'u' came from. Looks like it might be worth a visit - if not a special journey. Plumpton Rocks however, is an old-fashioned multi-artist compilation showcasing four local acts from the area. James Owen Fender delivers a slightly shambling indie that mentions Teletext. Good work! Blood Oranges have an air of strummy James about them (albeit with duelling fe/male voices) but it turns out to be a little MOR than you would hope. On the (very nice it must be said) packaging Wingman looks like Zane Lowe and wields an electric guitar but gives us an acoustic number as an taster of his ouvre. Not a bad example of the format. A bit Get Cape .... The final offering from Moody Gowns is a little quirkier. Imagine if Radiohead had gone to performing art college and played about with time signatures. Not sure four tracks gives either a flavour of the local scene or enough to convince further investigation of the acts but it's cool to see a label still give a scene a platform.



out of 10
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