Various Artists - Ashes To Ashes: Series 3 OST

The return of nostalgia tinged TV cop drama Ashes To Ashes heralds a new opportunity for bathing in the warm, rose tinted glow of Top 40’s past but, for some, the 1980s remain a decade of unspeakable horrors. The decade that dare not speak its name. These people should be regarded with nothing less than extreme suspicious for, as this collection goes some way to demonstrating, the 1980s were the apex of western culture. Indeed one could quite easily write a book on nothing more than the decade defining tracks which have been omitted but, for the sake of brevity, let us concentrate on the treats on offer here. Before we do, however, let’s just note that, in addition to a phalanx of hits from yesteryear, the album is punctuated by some unnecessary dialogue and incidental music from the series which do little more than infuriate the listener. Skip buttons at the ready then people, let’s press on and head straight to the wine bar dancefloor with Sir David of Bowie[/b] whose ‘Let’s Dance’ set the disco-pop tone for the decade and opened the door for Micheal Jackson and Madonna. As we’re here we may as well have a bash at a bit of bodypopping to Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’. Second thoughts, looking miserable in a big overcoat could be less taxing so onwards to Echo & The Bunnymen and The Cure before taking an unexpected yet very welcome detour with Robert Wyatt’s ‘Shipbuilding’ opus. It is, of course, worth owning the album just for those few tracks alone if you don’t already have them but once you add in hits from The Jam, FGTH, Spandau Ballet and The Buggles you’d be certifiable insane not to. Now, where’s my deely boppers?



out of 10
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