Vanessa Amorosi - Hazardous

Australia's latest export, Vanessa Amorosi, has a real edge that has been absent from other recent popsters hailing from down under. Her UK debut album is the direction that Gabriella Cilmi should have taken for her sophomore effort, showcasing the singer's vocal talents in a way that plays to their strengths rather than pandering to the sugar-driven pop machine. Throughout the album's surprisingly lengthy running time there are hints of early Cilmi alongside some rockier Kelly Clarkson material and even some Latin flavour reminiscent of Shakira in 'Holiday'. It's an adventurous blend of styles that partly suggest a singer who is unsure of her identity, but equally one who is happy to experiment with her sound. At times it seems that Vanessa is trying a little too hard to emulate others, but there is enough of her individuality here to mostly push that feeling aside. Hazardous is an intriguing and promising album that will hopefully allow the singer a chance to have more of an impact in the UK.



out of 10
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