Untied States - Instant Everything, Constant Nothing

Instant Everything, Constant Nothing from Athens, Georgia band Untied States takes some getting used to. In a world of spoon fed tasty three minute sound bites, a band that defies the linear constraints of most music may at first seem little more than noise. Infusing elements of Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Nirvana the music comes at you full force in a blistering cacophony of feedback, screaming vocals and distorted samples with Colin Arnstein's vocals riding slipshod through it all. Songs like opener 'Gorilla The Bull', the hypnotic 'Unsilvered Mirrors' and 'These Dead Birds' show real promise. Unfortunately much of the album drags even though the tracks don't clock in much over four minutes. What is lacking is the melodic timing and lyrical poetry the afore mentioned bands possessed. Instead tracks like 'Kowtow Great Equalizer' flap around aimlessly with little holding them together. It's always nice when you see bands pushing the boundaries of music instead of playing it safe, and Untied States are at least brave enough to colour outside the lines. No doubt we'll hear more from them, but they need to become less untied and start pulling their different strands together before making any real progress.



out of 10

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