Tweak Bird

This self-titled debut from the Illinois based Bird brothers is a short sharp journey of ferociously powerful rock music, the likes of which rarely sees the light of day any more. The deep, heavy and unusual tones of Caleb Bird’s baritone guitar kicks off the album on the raucous opening duo of ‘The Future’ and ‘Lights in Line’ and, as we move through the ten songs on show, you can’t but compare the sound and stylings of Tweak Bird to Black Sabbath circa Volume 4. They may not like the comparison but the brothers Bird have added their own psychedelic twist to the sound especially on the heavy drone of album closer ‘Distant Always’ and, anyway, being compared to Sabbath in their pomp is never a bad thing. For a duo, the sound they make is heavy, very heavy, and when turned up to eleven, as it should be, the sheer power and ferocity generated will rattle your whole body and leave you aching for more than the mere 27 minutes on offer here. Let there be no mistake, Tweak Bird rock and rock very hard.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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