Train - Save Me, San Francisco

Train really missed the boat didn’t they? Emerging in the 90s with an arsenal of classic rock riffs and big choruses just as the music police were polishing their batons and dusting off the riot shields. Come in Bon Jovi, your time is up. The game was up, the nineties rocked to a different beat and bands like Counting Crows and Train never really reached the dizzy heights of their predecessors. Which is why most people in the UK, you included I suspect, will be scratching their heads and wondering how Train are pulling into the station with a fifth album to promote. Which is a shame because when Train get up a head of steam they are virtually essential. Opening track ‘Save Me, San Francisco’ is a low slung, gospel tinged rocker which could easily have fallen off the back of the Exile On Main Street lorry. Casual guitar riffs and killer hooks underpin some awesome Jagger-style falsetto whoops from Pat Monahan, which recall the classic Stones hit ‘Waiting on a Friend’. Sadly, like many latterday Stones albums, this is the only truly great track on the album and the rest just meanders by; competent by way of instantly forgettable. Train appear to be torn between the options of churning out classic bar room rock n roll and insipid, chart friendly boy band banality. If you think trainspotting is tedious then you should try Train listening.



out of 10
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