Tokyo Police Club - Champ

Canada's Tokyo Police Club made an unexpectedly great debut in A Lesson In Crime and since then the band have been relentlessly touring and promoting their full-length Elephant Shell. So now it's time for the release of their second album and you'll be glad to know that not much has changed. Discordant riffery, subtle flourishes of keys and the innocent vocals of Dave Monks are what make this album so enjoyable in places. Songs like opener 'Favourite Food' buzz with an excitement that a lot of British, so-called 'indie' bands can't really muster while 'Breakneck Speed' utilises echoing guitar sounds akin to The XX, but mould them into something entirely fun and joyful. In 'End of a Spark', Monks looks back to 'times we spent in backs of cars' and reminisces of a love that's lost its thrill. Champ doesn't reinvent the indie wheel, but what it does do is show the countless other bands of their ilk how to do it well.



out of 10
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