Tiger Please - Seasons EP

Kicking albums into touch Tiger Please are back with another EP which puts even greater distance between themselves and the chasing pack of Welsh emo-metallers. This is where Leon and the boys emerge as a fully fledged rock band, free of the stylistic limitations of fashion bound sub-genres. The Seasons EP sees them tackle the subject of love head on across four tracks, each linked to one of the four seasons. It begins in the haze of summer with the strongest track, the enigmatic, chest beating ‘Summer in the House of Confessions’ which perfectly showcases the depth and power of Leon Stanfords’s chocolate rich baritone. Elsewhere ‘Autumn Came The Fall’, which highlights the band’s ability to create sweepingly subtle soundscapes, poses the question Is love the reason we’re all alive?, before we’re sliced apart by the glacial guitar of Luc Morris which announces the onset of ‘Winter and the Storyteller’. Seasons highlights how far the boys have developed musically in the few short months since their debut, each song carefully layered with intricate melodies which refreshingly eschew the traditional ‘RAWK’ guitar solo. This is classic British rock music which brings to mind the halcyon days of the late 1980s where bands like U2, Police and Hothouse Flowers sat comfortably in the charts on a regular basis. On that basis alone Tiger Please should be welcomed with open arms; love is all you need.



out of 10
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