Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime

Thee Oh Sees are back with another psych-rock workout in the shape of Warm Slime, an album that sees them exploring their more garage-rock leanings ever further. A lot of these hyper-prolific US jam bands seem to cover up their lack of originality by releasing something new every five seconds, and while this record may not be that unique it certainly makes up for it with spades of rock 'n' roll fun. The 13 minute title track is a perfect example of this, a lengthy, foot-stomping son of a bitch which never strays into endless meandering instrumentalism. 'Warm Slime' is a hypnotic epic of a track which just begs to be danced to, with John and Brigid's yelps echoing throughout. Things continue apace with the bouncy 'I Was Denied' replete with stomping percussion, while the densely textured 'Flash Bats' slows things down with an arsenal of fuzzy noise. These guys have taken the joy and lack of restraint that a lot of bands of their ilk touch on, but have managed to make an entire album from it. Sit down, wig out and grin like a madman.



out of 10
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