The Young Veins - Take A Vacation!

When Ryan Ross and Jon Walker walked out on Panic! At the Disco with a mission to be the band that we’re missing right now few could have envisioned that they’d reinvent themselves as the ultimate c.21st expression of the Nuggets era West Coast guitar band. Combining the crystalline Rickenbacker chimes of the Byrds with Ray Davies' talent for crafting a tale from nothing The Young Veins recreate the classic sounds of the sixties without ever crossing over into pedestrian pastiche. Key to this is their understanding that you can’t make a serious assault on your heritage without packing the appropriate heat, thus the album is built upon the secure sonic foundations of genuine vintage gear, including Wurlizter, harmonium and even a Stylophone. Each track is suffused with Californian sunshine and positivity and, even here in the grey old UK, you can almost feel the sea breezes running through your hair. When every track is a potential single it seems churlish to identify highlights but you’d be a fool to go a whole summer without investigating the magpie McGuinn chimes of ‘Take A Vacation!’ or the Beach Boys harmonies of the cheekily subversive ‘Cape Town’. Take A Vacation! and you’re guaranteed 30 minutes of golden sunshine which will brighten up even the darkest of hearts.



out of 10
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