The Saturdays - Headlines

With the continued absence of Girls Aloud, there is a girl group shaped void that could really do with being filled; Sugababes are still floundering having seemingly regressed to immaturity since their first couple of promising albums and, while there are other potential groups sitting out there waiting to make their mark, the only one that is currently having any sort of go are The Saturdays. Their third album is something of a surprise - only eight tracks, including two which already feel like they'd been and gone ages ago ('Ego' and 'Forever is Over') and current misfire single 'Missing You' which leaves us with five remaining songs to try and find something justifying an album purchase. Their debut had so much sassy pop seeping out that it overcame the nagging 'Girls Aloud-lite' feel, but none of that sass makes it through to their third attempt. There's no equivalent of 'Up' here, instead the girls seem to have pushed the 'dance' button on their synth and just attempted to lay any vocals they can over the top. The album high point is probably 'Ego' and if you have already bored of that, then there's not really anything here worth spending anything close to full album price on. Headlines has the feel of an album that ran out of steam well before the songs even got to the studio. Disappointing.



out of 10
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