The Resonance Association - Clarity In Darkness

The problem with serial killing psychopaths is they don't always appear to be nasty people. That's why their victims get in cars with them or help them with heavy shopping. If they were running about with their cock out (painted purple - obviously) whilst brandishing a carving knife - people would give them a wide berth. The same is true of this album by The Resonance Association - at times it's being friendly, playing with a kitten, making some fudge and then without any warning it's tearing out your spleen whilst dressed as Blakey from On The Buses. Yet it's this schizophrenic flipping that makes it so exciting: it does shredding, it does doom, it does prog and it does all of them spectacularly well. It's an album born of tremendous creativity that makes a distinct emotional connection throughout - even if sometimes those emotions may make you want to hide under a large cushion.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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