The Quails - Master Of Imperfection

If you are in need of a competent but disposable indie rock fix, then The Quails' second album Master Of Imperfection might just be the tonic you need. The title itself must surely have been meant tongue-in-cheek as every track on the album has been polished to perfection, leaving the band sounding incredibly tight and sharp but with the side-effect of muting any rawness that might have made for a more exciting listen. Tracks such as opener 'Games With The Devil' and 'I Know Myself' are effectively catchy rock efforts but might have made more impact if they were a bit rougher around the edges. 'For The Good Times' is the standout track on the album as it manages to mix the contemporary indie edge of the band with old-school rock, with the solo having distinct Queen echoes. Master Of Imperfection isn't groundbreaking but neither is it a poor imitation of every other indie band that's come before with some real gems of indie rock on display. Fans of early Arctic Monkeys output before they went heavy and psychedelic will lap it up.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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