The Perfect Crime - Everything Else Can Wait

Prog-metal, heavy metal or just good old fashioned heavy rock – whatever labels you want to use, this is a genre I love, I really do. You would think, therefore, that this debut from these young St Neots lads would be just the thing to float my boat and it does, up to a point. Sure, all the necessary elements are in place – deep throated singing with occasional shouty bits, heavy riffing, complicated key changes, well constructed and tightly recorded songs and extremely good musicianship – but something is missing. It’s almost as if the band have spent their time trying to create a melange of the best bits of such rock giants as Tool, Mastodon and Deftones but, in the process, have failed to infuse these songs with the passion that make those bands so successful. This makes for a very dry and cold listening experience that you don’t really have the desire to repeat and this is a real shame. Let’s hope that The Perfect Crime can harness their obvious talents and create a far more enjoyable experience come the time for a second album.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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