The Hungry and the Hunted - Magic Bullets

London band The Hungry and the Hunted fancy themselves revolutionaries, outlaws, desperadoes. The CD cover and booklet is riddled with photos of bullets and gun-toting cowboys and militants. On their Myspace page Che Guevara and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are listed as "influences". Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the songs lived up to at least some of this bravado. The music is fast paced and furious a la Motorhead but with not an ounce of that band's might or muscle. The cheesy guitar solos and half-baked lyrics only exasperate things, while vocalist Azam Khan's throaty howl just makes you want to pass him a cough drop. All the songs sound pretty much alike and you might find yourself shutting off after a while rather than taking to the barricades. The Hungry and The Hunted they may be, but they need to find a cause that's worth fighting for. This ain't it.



out of 10

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