The Horn The Hunt - Terrafidella

For a band yet to reach the dizzy heights of indie stardom, The Horn The Hunt's third album, Terrafidella, is an incredibly accomplished listen. Preferring to quietly bide their time in Leeds, this indie pop band blend an almost chimaeric force of soaring vocals, desert guitars, primal drums with a heavy dose of melodic synth. With past releases barely noticed outside those willing to spend time exploring Bandcamp, this wider release could see them finally muscle past some of the drearier opposition (Warpaint, for argument's sake).

On opener 'Black Fire' Clare Carter's sultry vocals immediately set a subtle yet anthemic tone for the rest of the record. While their effortless ability to craft a hook from a mere raised vocal note or swift change of chord is a talent not to be sniffed at, their most impressive asset comes from the variety of background sonic layering. Synths and drums flutter in from nowhere, while icy guitar tones mold around the weight of Carter's vocals. The title cut adds a mesmeric, progressive edge to the proceedings, with the occasional blip only due to the record's own hefty pacing. Occasionally disjointed but never boring, The Horn The Hunt have delivered a series of carefully formed moments that delight as much as they do intrigue.



out of 10

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