The Damned - Another Live Album From The Damned

Back in 2010, punk survivors The Damned set out on their 'Graveyard Chronicles' tour, pulling on what was then a 34 year long back catalogue. Looking down the tracklist, documented on this 2CD collection recorded at Manchester's Academy, they include a decent smattering of numbers from their most recent albums Grave Disorder and Who's Paranoid? offering a break from overly familiar takes on keep-the-punters-happy run-throughs of the likes of 'New Rose' and 'Love Song'.

Once the levels settle down, this is a pleasingly un-fiddled with record of a band at ease with itself. It never sounds like they're simply going through the motions; 'I Just Can't Be Happy Today', their dystopian ("They're closing the schools / They're burning the books / The church is in ruins / The priests hang on hooks") 1979 single achieves lift-off during its extended keyboard solo, while a version of 60s psych pioneers The Seeds' 'Satisfy You' pays homage to one of their original influences. All the between-song banter has been left intact, and while we don't get one of Captain Sensible's extended rants, you sense the fun being had both on stage and off. So as a reasonably priced memento of the tour, Another Live Album ... is a solid purchase, but many fans won't properly settle until the band give legendary b-side 'I Think I'm Wonderful' an airing. C'mon Captain, you know it makes sense(ible)!



out of 10
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