The Crown - Doomsday King

Six years after calling it quits, death metal heroes The Crown are back – and boy, are they back with a bang. Album number seven Doomsday King is a visceral affair filled with dense, unrelenting tunes that spit out riff after brutal riff. The addition of new vocalist Jonas Stålhammer, a major influence on the band of old, is a shrewd move as his hateful, menacing growls add a healthy dose of malevolence to proceedings very nicely. The memorability of the tracks enclosed means the likes of ‘The Tempter And The Bible Black’ and personal favourite ‘Blood O.D.’ live long in the mind once the music has stopped. And rather than petering out to repetitive mediocrity at the end, Doomsday King slips easily into doom/death realms for the final two numbers to crush the listener in a wonderfully drawn out aural overload of the heaviest variety.



out of 10
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