The Brute Chorus - How The Caged Bird Sings

A mere eleven months after their debut, The Brute Chorus return for another round. Decanting to a remote Cumbrian village hall for the recording sessions gives the project a spooky ambience and allows them to spread their wings a little from the recorded-in-front-of-an-audience intensity of their first effort. Opener 'Lazarus' continues their obsession with literary or mythical figures from the past but after that matters of the heart take stage front and centre. And boy, does it reach down into a well of loneliness and hurt, reaching a whole heap of bitterness on the blunt-like-a-hammer 'Wife'. Musically, TBC continue to make pacts with the Devil down at the crossroads marked bluesy rock 'n' roll, but this is airier and more ambient and, on 'Red Blood', almost torchsong-like. If it's just you and a bottle of whiskey on a Friday night, How The Caged Bird Sings will make an understanding companion.



out of 10
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