The Boy Who Trapped The Sun - Fireplace

From the dulcet tone of the harmonica at the start of 'Golden' to the final tinkling of the ivories on 'Antique Cobweb', The Boy Who Trapped The Sun's debut album positively shines like the first rays of summer - to the extent that you might need sunglasses to protect yourself from the UVs coming from your CD player. Whether employing a guitar, piano or just his velvety smooth voice, The Boy... (AKA Colin MacLeod) manages to craft songs full of joyous melodies that massage your ears and make it seem that all the troubles of the world have disappeared. There are almost too many highlights to choose from but it's safe to say that there will be few who won't be wooed by the charms of lead single 'Katy' with its simplistic but sublime chorus, and if you're not lifted by the soaring finale of 'Copper Down', then there's truly no hope. Fireplace manages to avoid the potential pitfall of sounding too slight - considering it is just one man and his instruments - by having songs that are so musically vibrant and full of colour that you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to a full band. It all results in an album that is an absolute delight and leaves you wondering just how Colin MacLeod will be able to follow up such a superb debut.



out of 10
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