The Blue Hearts - Jukebox Of Maladies

The Blue Hearts would make a first rate wedding band...and that is not meant as harsh as it may sound. Wedding bands, or indeed any event from Bar Mitzvahs to Shiner's Club picnics, are in sore need of decent entertainment that don't make you wish you had just plugged in the CD player instead. The music isn't bad but unfortunately the songs make you think of bands they almost sound like instead. Opening track 'Silver Dollar Girl' almost sounds like Urge Overkill, and 'Ballad Of A Bad Boy' kind of reminds you of Jason And The Scorchers. The musicianship is first rate and the rockabilly-infused tunes are clever and fun but unfortunately the songs lack originality and, while they may get your grandma dancing at your wedding, they are not likely to set the world alight.



out of 10
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