The Baseballs - Strike!

This is a bit of an oddity, a German rockabilly band who’ve taken it upon themselves to tackle some unlikely contemporary hits in a hip shaking, brothel creeping, rock ‘n roll style. It’s pure cabaret and the end results are closer to the Grease soundtrack than they are to , say, The Stray Cats. Still, it’s a long time since we had ourselves a proper 50’s revival and even longer since we’ve had a major German invasion; true to form this is already big news on mainland Europe and now they are turning their sights upon old Blighty. It is, as Uncle Bryn might have it, just a bit of fun, and the chucklesome conceit of rockabilly covers of modern hits just about sustains over a whole album. Highlights are a Vegas (some say fat) Elvis take on Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’ and a hot rodded reworking of Beyoncé ’s ‘Crazy in Love’. Elsewhere there’s the more predictable fare of Roxette’s ‘The Look’ and Robbie’s ‘Angels’ to contend with, and we’re verging on pub band territory. It’ll be a fun fifteen minutes in the spotlight but I don’t think this is the sign for your Dad to be digging out the Showaddywaddy suit from the back of the wardrobe just yet.



out of 10
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