The Absolute Belters - Glorious Victorious

Influences are often important to any new band but equally important is to not have too many of them; The Absolute Belters fall foul of the latter statement as their debut album Glorious Victorious draws on talents as wide ranging as Black Sabbath through to The Specials resulting in a bit of a mess. It's unfortunate as there is some clear talent on display here, with the vocals containing the right amount of snarl to not be drowned out by the constant, unrelenting guitars which in turn are backed up by a strong, tight drumbeat. However, despite the infectious energy conveyed by the young four-piece, it never really feels like they know what their own sound is with short, sharp punk tracks like 'Hello London' sitting uncomfortably alongside more straightforward rock tracks like the Oasis-esque 'I'll By By Your Side'. Like their press release states, they have cherry-picked elements from all of their influences but this has led to an incoherent album, not so incoherent as to render it unlistenable but disappointing all the same. One thing to remember though is that it is their debut and there's enough musical nous on show to make you believe that once The Absolute Belters find their own voice, they could be a force to be reckoned with.



out of 10
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