Tender Trap - Dansette Dansette

Dansette Dansette is the third album from Tender Trap, a band formed from the ashes of John Peel's beloved Talulah Gosh and Heavenly. Here Amelia Fletcher, of the two aforementioned bands, crafts a fine slice of classic girl-group indie-pop. This album is all jangly percussion and tuneful vocal harmonies wrapped around lyrics of love, lust and real girl power. The addition of Elizabeth Morris from Allo' Darlin and new drummer Katerina Dixon means there's call and response vocals and brilliant melodies on tracks like lead single 'Do You Want A Boyfriend?' and the twangy uptempo 'Girls With Guns'. Elsewhere they channel 60's rock stomp on 'Danger Overboard', while the moody, drawn out closing track 'Capital L' finishes the album in a dark atmosphere with quiet, screeching feedback and a mid-paced melancholia. Far better then than the similarly named but terribly insipid and quite frankly horrible Temper Trap.



out of 10
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