Temposhark - Threads

The pop landscape is barren. Girls Aloud are on a hiatus. Kylie Minogue and the Scissor Sisters are mounting their returns, but we’re impatient and we want it now. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga rules with an iron fist and even JLS’s seemingly never ending source of poptastic tunes appears to be drying up. It’s tough times. We need is new blood. Enter Temposhark. Already a cult sensation online, Robert Diament presents his sophomore album, Threads; a fast-paced, pop thesis from the Backstreet Boys school of teen boppery with the added lacerating cynicism of Lily Allen thrown in there. It’s brilliant and it’s here. Is he capable of saving pop music and over throwing Her Royal Highness Lady Gaga or will we forget all about him as soon as Kylie drops her eleventh masterpiece? Hey, who cares? It's pop. Shut up and dance!



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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