Television Personalities - A Memory is Better Than Nothing

You may recall Television Personalities from 1978’s exceptional Where's Bill Grundy Now? Ep, featuring the ego pricking honesty of ‘Part Time Punks’. If that’s the case then you may well want to live with your memories for, as Treacy says, A Memory Is Better Than Nothing. There’s precious little evidence here of the humour and wit which made the Grundy EP so essential, with Dan Treacy sounding a broken man, well beyond his years, exhibiting all the musical appeal of Malcolm McClaren’s ‘You Need Hands’. It seems a perverse approach given the profile boost he’s receiving through association with MGMT who, following a very public spat, have included ‘Song For Dan Treacy’ on their latest album. 'People Think That We're Strange' almost gets into a Spacemen groove but all too soon we're back with the Syd-isms of 'My New Tattoo' and from here it is downhill all the way. It’s shambolic, maudlin and paranoid and God bless him and all that, but I’m sticking with my memories thank you very much.



out of 10
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