Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders - Red Light Fever

Who could have predicted that when Dave Grohl stepped out from behind his battered kit to front the Foo Fighters that he was setting in train a potentially catastrophic chain reaction which would see a potentially exponential conveyor belt of drummers going on to form their own bands. Stage two sees Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins drop his sticks and take centre stage and, while he’s not quite a household name in his own right, he’s brought some impressive firepower along for the ride. Think you recognise those falsetto backing vocals on the hyperactive ‘Not Bad Luck’? Not surprising as they belong to Queen’s Roger Taylor, who’s brought along Brian May to ride shotgun and add his unmistakable creamy guitar licks to the epic ‘Don’t Have To Speak’. These are undoubtedly highlights but the whole album wears the cheesy 'Wham, Bam, Thank You Maam' leer of seventies glam rock, pitching somewhere between Alvin Stardust and Queens Of The Stone Age. Best of the bunch is the brooding ‘Never Enough’ which features an unforgettable guitar riff and a delicious ragged throated rasp from Mr Hawkins. Red Light Fever is big, dumb, stompalong fun and could be the surprise hit of the year.



out of 10
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