Tarot - Gravity of Light

Marco Hietala has gained much success with his 'main' band Nightwish in the past few years, traversing the globe and selling out some pretty big venues along the way, but Tarot is where it all started for him back in the early 1980s. However, don’t be lulled into thinking this is just a side-project. Gravity of Light is the band's eighth studio album and it’s full of good old-fashioned Iron Maiden-style classic heavy metal. Soaring and triumphant vocals, plenty of guitar solos and just general all round epic songwriting is abound here. Opener ‘Satan is Dead’ is a driving, monster of a song complete with classic lyrics about hell and its horned ruler. Riff after riff rears its head with a sprinkling of euro-metal keyboards here and there, coming together brilliantly on tracks like ‘Sleep in the Dark’ and ‘Magic and Technology’. Marco should be content in the fact that if Nightwish go tits up, he’s got another - just as good - band to focus all his attentions on.



out of 10
Category Capsule Review

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