Stanley Odd - Oddio

Never has an artist's name been more apt than in the case of Stanley Odd as it's highly unlikely that you've ever heard anything like it and after one listen of their debut album, Oddio, you probably won't be thinking of anything other than "well that was different". Primarily the odd-ness comes from having a lead MC who isn't afraid to use their own accent, in this case Scottish, which leaves Oddio with a truly distinct sound even if the beats aren't necessarily memorable or inspiring. The one comparison you can vaguely make between Stanley Odd and any other acts out there would be N-Dubz, partly because Stanley Odd use the duel vocal structure of male and female but also because tracks such as 'Sun Dance' and 'Ghost Walk' are hip hop numbers with more straightforward pop sensibilities. Oddio won't be likely to attract any new fans to the hip hop genre but any fans of the genre would probably find worse alternatives than giving Stanley Odd a try.



out of 10
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